Protection of data and accuracy of data

For all means of payment, the customer agrees to provide precise and correct information. Use of false information or abuse of identity is considered fraud, and is punishable by the law as intended under article 146, respectively of article 147 of the CP and shall be punished.

All customer information is handled in a strictly confidential manner and EDROLE.CH agrees to respect the ethical rules issued by the ASVPC and legislation in effect, notably as concerns the protection of data.

The information collected will only be used to process the order, for communication with the customer, for planning and evaluation of the commercial activities and for marketing purposes, as well as for the design and development of services for the customer and for development of custom offers for it. By subscribing to the Newsletter, the customer agrees to regularly receive offers and allows us to use his information in this manner.

At any time, the customer may contact EDROLE.CH to cancel the subscription to the newsletters.